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shut out

as the surrounding buildings get redeveloped... the heights shut off my sunrise and moonrise, sunset and moonset.

years ago, the smog shut out the starlight.

the city is slowly entombing me.
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Writer's Block: Speak and spell

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

I would cast "Warding".

Lots of critters get at the flowering plants i grow in my window box.

Warding would keep them away.

Warding would also keep away the Fungi and Bacteria (presumably) that attack the plants and flowers.

Hm , there could be a problem if the bees and the butterflies couldn't get at them.
I guess Warding is a "Dispel Evil" class spell where critters having an Evil+ are kept away.
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Just To Get Things Moving…

Why don’t I write anymore?

Has the muse fled?

Have I simply given up?

Things have focused on being prosaic so much lately that looking at a blank page, the words do not come anymore.


A lot of the old buildings, broken down and reshaped into big tall gray boxes of rats. I’m a rat too!

Running around and around on a treadmill, boundedby the sun rising from the Sitting Room and Going down over the Sea , which is a big unseen gutter, gray with the sludge of a million people.

Time that finite resource, that unconquerable Conqueror. Things i took for constancy once upon a time, come loose like the cellotape pasted over the rents in the mosquito netting.

If i was self-censoring before, nowadays I clamp down on everything with the fervent insane zeal of a George Orwellian 1984 Censor.

Why am i so afraid?Things do not seem easy, they never have,but there are Things out there (like Lovecraft said) unconquerable, huge, implacable and caring not a whit about whether we pitiful bugs live, die or cease to exist as if we have never been!

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(no subject)

who cares , right?

if i were gone tomorrow, would someone miss me?


growing up is the burden of worries on one's head. thinking for two people, the entire family. no wonder Dads and Mums get gray hair.


Decisions decisions, so many decisions. which right and which wrong? only regret will tell. but regret is no good.


by the way, Popo's hair is growing back. after a series of rather painful injections.
poor soul, how he cries :(


rats! have wriggled their way into the car and through the mesh. no wonder many authors call them the Agents of the Dark. they are most insidious, unstoppable and never ending!
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my friends page is empty.

does this mean I have no more friends on LJ ?
or does it mean that everyone has been consumed by the Demon, Time?
or does it only mean that they are busier elsewhere?

once, not so long ago, i would have felt it was the first.
the hyperbolic me , would have EXPRESSED this feeling in the second.

realism is so boring.

wherever you are, I hope that you are well.
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I objserved

people are characterized by the way they see their houses.

N wants a hotel like house. clear shiny counters. tidied tables and chairs.

I want a house thats bookful. sanitized houses seem devoid of emotion to me.
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nowadays i am rarely online . i have decided to work more at my relationship.

one could say im out of the need to be writing sad soppy posts because frankly i have no need to.

also whenever i sit online my head blanks out.
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reactive, German Bakery

I was much saddened at the incident at German Bakery on 13th February 2010. I had been to the place years ago (2005 or so), for a few moments. I was meeting up friends from my prior company, and I met one who lived close to Koregaon Park and i waited for him near the German Bakery and I believe we stepped in for some cookies but they were out of those. so we ended up goin to a Dominos' Pizza outlet. My impressions of the place were : thatched roof, dim lighting , lots of vanilla perfume among other fruity smells.

My heart goes out to the departed, taken in the flower of their youth, to some lost and nonsensical ideology or is it deilogy?

will this (N)ever end?
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(no subject)

as the word verification says for me on one site, "EAT IO". should be worth a trip to saturn if I get to be a Lunaphage. or to be perfectly correct, an io-phage.